Seminars & Trips


I offer applied courses in Geology and Georesouces-Management. This includes

  • Energy Resources Management
  • Geology of Central Europe
  • Planning-Realization-Optimization
  • Structural Diagenesis
  • Structural Geology
  • Reservoir-Geology
  • Reservoir-Geomechanics

… and field-trips to

  • Reservoir- & Source Rocks, South England
  • Reservoir- & Source Rocks, Upper Rhine Graben, S-Germany
  • Tight sandstones of Upper Carboniferous, N-Germany
  • Fractured Zechstein Ca2 carbonate analogs, Central-Germany
  • Fractured carbonates and salt tectonics, Oman
  • Caledonian crystalline rocks and , NW-Scotland
  • Volcanoes of the Aeolian islands and Mt Etna, Sicily
  • Variscan of Germany, England and Ireland

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