International collaboration & management of transnational education institutions

International businesses and value-chains demand a mutual understanding of cultures, nowadays not only important for multinational companies but also SMEs. I am very interested in international processes and transnational education in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and have regularly visited and worked in the Middle East in R&D and management since 2003.

References: From 2006-2009 I was responsible for the successful planning and implementation of a newly established Omani-owned University in Muscat, Oman, and leading a multinational team. Milestones were the start of planning in Spring 2006, start of operation in March 2007, the first intake of students in October 2007, and the handover to Omani successor in Summer 2009. Work also included the reception of delegations since 2007 from the German Chamber of Commerce / AHK, the German Embassy Oman and political delegations such as the former German Minister of Economics and Technology. The project attracted interest from public media since 2006, reflected in interviews by newspapers Die Zeit, Oman Oberserver, Oman Tribune, Times of Oman, Khaleej Times, Al Shabiba, Al Watan, Al Usboua, The Week, Rheinische Post; magazines Der Spiegel, Lufhansa exclusive; and radio stations SWR 2, WDR 3, Uni Radio Köln and Deutsche Welle World.

Geosciences to the public

I like to contribute to the awareness and better understanding of earth system processes and the role of geosciences, a branch within the natural sciences. Society is based on trade and production, be it iron for the steel production and automotive industry, rare earth elements for high-tech machines or hydrocarbons for lubricants or petrol. Geoscientists are the first in the value-chain being responsible for the discovery and exploration of raw materials and the major energy resources. Their understanding of complex earth system processes also contributes to future sustainable growth, covering waste-deposits, long-term climate change and CO2-seuqestration.

References: I developed an exhibit for the museum in Mayen, Germany in 2002, initiated and edited the quarterly published information leaflet VAG Infoblatt 2002-2006, and was responsible for the conception and the steering of the Exhibit of the German Year of Geosciences, 5.-9.6.2002 presented at the Neumarkt in Cologne

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